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Professional Foundry Ceramic Sand for multiple purpose,lower thermal expansion, resulting in higher precision and accuracy of castings.

Ceramic Foundry Sand

Fused Ceramic Sand is the custom ceramic particles with a spherical shape, high refractoriness and low thermal expansion being made by spraying the melted calcined bauxite.

Fused Resin-Coated Ceramic Sand

The Fused Resin-Coated Ceramic Sand manufactured by Qiangxin is widely used in special fundry industry such as engine, diesel engines, cylinder head, bucket teeth, pumps and more.

Product Applications

Ceramic Foundry Sand and Coated Foundry sand are widely used in metal foundry molding and casting industries including lost foam casting, V-process Casting, Alkaline Phenolic Resin no-bake sand, and more.

Fused Ceramic Sand


Leading Ceramic Foundry Sand Supplier in China

SANMENXIA QIANGXIN FOUNDRY MATERIAL CO., LTD. (Fused Ceramic Sand) is specialized in the production and sales of high-end casting new material - fused ceramic sand for foundry (commonly known as "Ceramic Sand). Qiangxin passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification as early as 2007, and the design capacity of the factory has reached 100,000 tons per year.

In 2014, 2017, and 2020, Qiangxin was awarded by China Foundry Association with the title of "China Ceramic Sand Production Base" for three consecutive terms, which is the only organization winning this award throughout the country. In 2018, Qiangxin led the preparation of the group norm "Fused Ceramic Sand for Foundry" (T/CFA 020204.1-2018) which was issued by China Foundry Association and implemented on May 31 of the same year. In addition, Qiangxin is a national technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise, a high-tech enterprise in Henan, a member unit of China Foundry Association, a vice-president unit of the materials branch of China Foundry Association, and a chairman unit of China Foundry Sand Industry Alliance.

  • Professional manufacturer and R&D team

  • Cooperated with government tender

  • Workshop: Annual output of 100,000 tons

  • ISO 9001; Industry leader; certifications

  • Full technical support & On-line teaching

  • Good after-sale training system

  • Good competitive price and soon delivery

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Check out the latest news and technology on Ceramic Foundry Sand and Coated Foundry sand.

The Technology of Recycling of Fused Ceramic Sand Being Widely Promoted

Fused ceramic sand has the advantages of low thermal expansion coefficient and comparable performance with zircon sand. When molding sand is prepared with Fused ceramic sand, the castings will not have expansion defects. It is also a neutral material...

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Why Fused Ceramic Sand is a Better Choice for Foundry?

Fused ceramic sand, also known as electric fused ceramsite, ceramsite sand, nice foundry sand, and its scientific name 'fused ceramic sand', has the advantages of high temperature resistance, non-crushing, no dust, spherical, high permeability, good ...

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Fused Ceramic Sand-Ideal Sand for the Foundries

Fused ceramic sand is a high-quality and high-performance casting auxiliary material, which is widely used in modern foundry industry. It is composed of a variety of natural minerals and has certain physical and chemical properties. In the casting pr...

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Fused Ceramic Sand

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Fused Ceramic Sand
Fused Ceramic Sand
Fused Ceramic Sand
Fused Ceramic Sand
Fused Ceramic Sand
Fused Ceramic Sand